Huerto de la Condesa is a small farm located within the old Heredad de la Condesa or Nuestra Señora de los Dolores, owned by the Countess of Guadalevín, which has been one of the traditional farms in Ronda, and which stands out for the fact that the gardens were designed by Nicolás Forestier, author among others of the María Luisa Park in Seville or the Paseo del Prado in Havana.

Eleven years ago we started with the vacation rental of our house, mainly to clients outside of Spain, through various luxury vacation rental agencies in rural areas. At that time, we began planting our vineyards with the Garnacha and Syrah varieties, the first harvest corresponding to the year 2011. During all these years we have allowed our vineyards to grow by selling the grapes to other producers, and in 2019, finally, we have made our own harvest by bottling our Huerta de la Condesa La Hiedra 2019, rosé, made with Garnacha and Graciano, which will be followed by other wines from the same vintage.

We are going to market both products, the house and the wine through our website, apart from other distribution channels, and for this reason we started this blog, which will be a miscellaneous article, and more than a blog from any winery, it will be a personal blog. We will discuss various
issues related to wine, such as the presentation of our new products, the awards (if we ever have them), recommendations on other interesting wines, mainly on the wines of Ronda and Jerez, gastronomic comments on restaurants in the area, activities that we could organize in the vineyard, interesting excursions in Ronda and region, interviews with other winemakers and chefs in our vineyard, stories of the vineyard in Ronda, recommendations on wine and gastronomy books, cooking recipes, etc.

In summary, we not only want it to be a blog to advertise our products, wine and vacation rentals, but we want it to be an entertaining blog for everyone, who, like us, likes the world of wine and the countryside.

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