The vineyard and Ronda

The vineyard was, until the phylloxera plague, the main agricultural activity in Ronda, which got lost in its entirety, and started to recover at the end of the 20th Century due to the plantation carried out by the prince Alfonso of Hohenlohe, Marbella Club Promoter.

Ronda vineyards are distinguished by the use of many different grape breeds, soil and heights, with which very different types of wine can be obtained.

The Soil

The vineyard Huerto de la Condesa is placed on the río Guadalcobacín valley above clay-sandy ground, with a good draining capacity. The property is crossed by a small creek which splits it into two, with its walnuts, poplars, hawthorns, quinces and crack willows.

The Climate

Temperatures are gentler than in the rest of the municipality due to its regulation by the Río Guadalcobacín. It counts on great thermal oscillation between night and day, what provides the grape ripening.

The Breeds

In 2008, an hectare of the garnacha breed was planted and in 2010, the Syrah breed was planted as well, both in trellises. Both are breeds that perfectly adapt to Ronda ´s climate. Thinning and green pruning are performed to ensure the improvement of the bunch quality.

Vino de Ronda Huerto de la condesa